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Corner House!

You all must be knowing that smoking cannabis makes you hungry. So me and my friend after smoking up about two american style joints usually used to have ice cream at Corner House. And the best ice cream you get there is “Death by chocolate”. I was pretty smashed but I did not realize it while entering the ice cream parlor. So we were inside and I was trying to figure out what to order from a display board. But I was not able to read it, I tried very hard to read them but all in vain. So I went close to it, but still could not figure it out. Then my friend shouted asking me what I wanted, I said “I don’t know”.  Then he looked at me starring at a big mirror and everyone in the store was looking at me. He came to me slowly and took me to the display board. For all that time I was looking at the reflection of that board. I think by then everyone there had figured out that we were doped. We took the ice cream and ran from that place and didn’tvisit it for more than a month.


December 26, 2009 - Posted by | Cannibis Sativa...

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