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“Ideal” Humen beings!

The first time I popped an ecstasy pill, I was in Goa. I was always scared to do drugs all my life because I was told thats drugs is bad and people who use drugs are bad people. My perception about drugs changed only about few years back. Usually people talk about drugs and people who use them without knowing anything about them. The best info they have is some death of a celebrity or someone who became insane. For the information of all these kind of  “Ideal” human beings eating too much also kills people and even studying too much will drive people insane.

The general perception of all these “ideal” human beings is that, people who drink, smoke and do drugs are antisocial. But nowadays drinking and smoking has been excluded to some extent. I believe such “ideal” human beings are anti social element. Why can’t they mind their own business and take care of their fat ugly kids than preach ideologies.

And before some years even I belonged to those kind of people. It’s all because of exposure that my ideologies and perceptions have changed. I still can’t believe the fact that Indian men cannot accept their girlfriends or wives if she had physical relationship with some other man. I don’t blame them, it’s these “Ideal” human beings who have made this society the way it is today.  The present generation at least in the metros are coming out of the shell and accepting new cultures. I remember how I reacted for the first time when I girlfriend said she was not a virgin. I was shattered, what I had believed all my life was shattered. It took me some time to absorb the fact and move on. But again all depends on the exposure and the society you have been bought up in.

People should be open-minded and accept life the way it comes. Every ideology they believe should be backed by their personal experience. There is so much in life to explore and enjoy. I wish every one of them explores to the limits in which they remain healthy and sane.


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