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Dream on…

I day dream a lot. Usually my imagination runs simultaneously as someone speaks. Its very spontaneous. If I am sitting in a investment banking class, I start imaging myself as a hedge fund manager giving a return of 60% to my clients and retire as a billionaire. And similarly I become a billionaire in many other imagination of myself as a entrepreneur, tennis player and sometimes even lottery winner.

I don’t stress on that part, but the part where  I imagine myself  after I become a billionaire.  I never see myself driving expensive cars or having lavish parties with pretty women. I see myself amids a huge reforestation site. I build villages which are self sufficient with water and power resources. I educate people in backward nations to live and earn, not by feeding them. That is because I believe in the concept of teaching a hungry man to fish than giving him fish. I dream of eradicating the ruthless dictators in African nations. I dream of making African nations realize how much resources they have to become a super power. In short I dream of making earth a better place to live.

I also dream of scaling Mt Everest and going to North and South poles. I never dream of shopping but I dream to live and experience nature and its beauty. Whenever I see places shown in the TV channel travel and living, I imagine myself in those places. Sometimes I imagine the blue and white sand beaches with beautiful coral reefs and colorful fishes. And at times I dream of understanding different cultures even though I have never understood my own.

I dream of the barriers between nations  broken and everyone living in unity and harmony, sharing and caring. No racism, no discrimination based on caste or religion. Its all my dream though.


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | Serious Thinking.. Blah..Blah!

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