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Johnnie walker!

I had the privilege to take a course on Brand management. In one of the class we had to analyse an advertisement. I had previously seen this Johnnie walker ad, but I had never given a though about it.

“I am faster than you, I am stronger than you, certainly I will last longer than you. You may think I am the future, but you are wrong, you are. If i had a wish, I wish to be human, to know how it feels.. to feel, to hold, to despair, to wonder, to love. I can achieve immortality without wearing out. You can achieve immortality by doing one great thing… KEEP WALKING”

Every word in this has been chosen to reflect the brand Johnny Walker.  The ad starts with an old library with statues of great personalities of out past and at the end the human android is sitting. The reference is TIME. It says the brand has stood over centuries. Then they show many images like an open book, globe, spiral wire, pyramid.. all these represent the presence of the brand in time across the globe. The sun rises and sets, which is an expression for the way it has stood with time. Then the human android speaks about the brand. The android is Johnny Walker. The human android is also a symbol left to the imagination of the viewers. Every person who watches it relates himself to great personalities who have left behind their foot print. If you see closely the words spoken and the image, there is lot of relationship. You can see fluids moving inside the android is talking. What they are trying to show here is also their superiority in technology in making whiskey. And since this product is niche in its category it is targeted to people who are rich and successful and to also people who wish to be rich and successful.

It’s not get an ad, it is has won many awards for its creativity and details. At last what inspire me is the last sentence, “You can achieve immortality by doing one great thing… KEEP WALKING”


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | Serious Thinking.. Blah..Blah!

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