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Ecstacy.. My first trip..

May 12th 2007:
Place: Palolem Beach, Goa

I was looking at the stars and listening to the song “Pussy pussy marijuana”. It didnt make any sense to me but I was in my own world, thinking.. What if…
Earth was a speck in this universe and we are one of its minute creatures, what if there was a bigger world and bigger living beings or even earth being a living being and we were just residing on it like some parasite. Or probably earth was a parasite or a worm in the universe and we were parasites of this worm. Strange thinking, but it made some sense to me in a different way. Everyone wants to make an impression in the minds of people in this world before they depart. But why? There are millions who dream the same and want to do the same, and struggle all their lives trying to do something just for that name which he/she will not even be present to be satisfied of.
I was with group of hippies actually, and I realized how happy they were doing nothing, living by the day. Before i met them I always used to think of future and worry about it like making an impression and stuff like that.I learnt a lot from them, to be happy, content and live by the day. Even if they do not have a penny they will say with so much confidence, “Don’t worry, something will come up”.
8:30 PM, I had popped the pill like some normal medicine. I was normal for quite some time sitting on the beach. Then I felt that my pant was wet, then I realized I was sitting too close to the waves. I was a gymnast when I was like 10 years old. So I was trying to show off my skills to my friends but ended up spraining my shoulder which still hurts. The energy level is very high when you have these kind of drugs. We guys were on the beach from 10 till morning 4 walking the whole beach which was about 3km stretch. I think we had walked more that 10KM that night apart from dancing and other crazy stunts I was pulling.
The whole night I was chewing a gum and I was chewing it so hard that for next two days my jaws were paining. I was talking non stop, screaming on top of my voice and I also remember someone telling to me shut up. It was one crazy night and I loved it for all the fun and experience.


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