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Deadly death!

I have encountered death twice. In normal state of my mind I can say I am not afraid of dying, but when death looks into your face and tell you, you’re going to die, that is when you get very scared. The first time I got this feeling was when I met with an accident, a head on collision with a car and my bike. I had closed my eyes for sometime and didn’t realize I was in the middle of the road and the car light flashed into my eyes. I had hardly 2 seconds before I realized I was going to die. The first thing that came into my mind was my family crying over my death and I thought to myself that I cannot die today. I woke up after a while, I was lying flat on the car bonnet and the crowd was screaming. I was smiling when I woke up.
Me and some friends had gone to Edmuri. It’s a picnic spot beside a river. We were all playing in the river stream, the stream was bit strong and at the center the force was even stronger. Except me none of my friends knew swimming. One of my friend was at the center of the stream and he looked comfortable playing there. Suddenly he slipped and the stream took him along. I went after him but the stream was so strong that it took me also into it. I was under water for about 5 seconds in which I had to decide to go after my friend risking my life or save myself. I decided to save myself and with all my energy I dragged myself to safety. I saw my friend being taken away and he was screaming for help. That moment I felt guilty,humiliated, weak and helpless. But, my friend did survive. It was a miracle though.
Even the strongest man bows down to death. It is very difficult for a normal man to stare at death and tell it to fight. I think if a man loves something more than himself, only then he will be able to do it. Hmmm….. I don’t think I can stare at death today, but maybe after certain time, when I have a family, I would stare at death to protect them against all odds.


January 10, 2010 - Posted by | Serious Thinking.. Blah..Blah!

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