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Silence kills?

I just watched this movie called ‘Brothers’, starring Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie has lot of emotions of different characters and situations.

Capt Sam Cahill (Tobey) and Tony Cahill (Jake) are brothers. Sam is married to Grace (Natalie) and has 2 daughters. Tony is the younger brother, he just returns from jail. Tony’s character depicts the failed second child attitude. The father always wanted the second son to be like his brother a hero and follow his footsteps, but he turns out to be an antisocial. Every time the father compares Tony with his brother, he make him feel he is worthless. This emotion, of being the second child and being treated differently is always prevalent in every home.
I have always been mama’s boy and my sister being dad’s girl. I was never used to get anything new, be it cycle, notebook or even a pen, everything came to me after being used by my sister. When ever she used to be angry or frustrated she used to beat me up. She was good at everything, be it dancing, sports or studies. I grew up as a shy and timid kid, afraid of not being able to keep up to my sister standards. I love my sister and even my dad, but that feeling of being the second child is always there. Even till date, I never have much attachment with my dad or sister, I guess this is the reason. The other day I was talking to my sister, I asked her why she used to beat me up everyday when i was a kid. I was pretty surprised when I heard the answer. Apparently, when the second child is born the first child wont be getting so much of attention and care as it used to get before. Now considering children of that age, who want to be cared and given attention and does not get it. They do anything to get that attention and care. So, my sister was doing the same. Actually in the movie also they show this emotion being displayed by Sam’s first daughter.

There is another scene in the movie where in Sam gets captured in Afghanistan and is tortured for three months until he is rescued. During this torture he will be made to kill his colleague by beating him to death with a metal rod. After he is rescued, he comes home to find out his place in the family is being replaced by his brother. His behavior is also changed because of the trauma he had been through. He is paranoid and walks around in the house with a gun. Army men can be very tough mentally and can keep secrets even if they are in the verge of dying. Sam being a marine, never talks about his days where he was captured and was made to kill his colleague. When your deeply hurt emotionally, it is best consoled if you let it out either by crying or talking about it to someone.
There was a time when I never talked about my emotions with anyone, I kept it all in me and pretended to be normal. It was a time when my girlfriend had slept with another guy. And unfortunately I came to know about it from that guy itself in his room where everything had happened. He started telling me the whole scene, where they did what and how. I was listening, trying not to lose my temper and be aware of what was happening. After he finished, I called my girl and asked her if it was true.. she started crying. I didn’t know what to do at that point. The guy who slept with her had that proud look on his face telling me “I slept with your girl man.. looser!”. I just left that place telling that guy never to interfere in my girlfriend’s life. I called my girlfriend and told her not to worry, I was not mad at her and I would not leave her. She felt better but I felt worse. I never talked about it to anyone, kept it for myself suffering in pain. I could not see my girlfriend in her eyes, it had become so difficult. Almost six months passed until I met a girl. She was pretty and she liked me. I thought this was my chance to escape from all the miseries and start a new life. But it was a bad decision and everything in my life after that. I wish I had let out my anger and pain.

Well, the movie ends when Sam tells his wife about what happened and he feels a sense of relief. I guess its too heavy to carry all the pain.


February 20, 2010 - Posted by | Serious Thinking.. Blah..Blah!

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