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Death of an Afghan Snow Leopard

“Afghan snow leopard”, “Royal Bengal Tiger”, “Single horned rhino” the list can go on. These animals are on the verge of extinction because of humans. There are hardy thousands of each left on this planet. Humans! I sometimes hate my own kind.
I was looking at a photo dairy called “Death of a Snow leopard” on Time. I was just looking at the picture but I could feel the pain the leopard had been through. It was captured by a hunter in Afghanistan mountains and bought to the capital Kabul in a cage. Its hind leg was wounded because of the trap the hunter had laid. It was completely frightened and terrified by humans while the hunter was trying to sell it. Wealthy business men pay about $50k for these exotic animals. But somehow it was saved by some environment activists but it didn’t survive. One of the doctor says, it died because of the stress it went through. Imagine you are the king of a country, walking with pride and knowing that no one exists to defeat you and suddenly you are captured and tortured and taken away and sold. How would you feel? I guess I would have killed myself than living with that trauma.
I have a strong sense of emotional connection with animals and also people that I start feeling their pain when I see them or hear them tell about their miseries. I always wish I can do something, but I always fail. I just wish, that someday things will change.


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